Do you want to try yoga, but aren’t sure where to begin?

Have you signed up for a class but felt like an outsider?

In the video below, I’ll share my 3 (unconventional) tips with you about beginning a yoga practice with confidence, presence and a sense of humor. 

But first, I’ve got to tell you: 
I get it. 

I know how it feels to want to get into something that you hear is beneficial… but then feeling LOST about where to begin. 

While yoga has been my passion, my therapy and my job for 14-years, I nearly ran out of my first meditation class.   

I wish I was joking.

I went in with confidence. I  thought I was a mindful person. I mean, I had done my fair share of self-reflection during my yoga teacher training and I found great value in the silence and stillness in my yoga practice.

However, meditation felt completely foreign to me.

My sneaky A-type personality convinced me that there had to be a “right” way to meditate… and if had racing thoughts and felt even more annoyed than when I sat down, I had to be doing it wrong.

But I want you to know what I wish I would have learned during my first class.

There is no “right” when it comes to mindfulness.

I know this goes against the grain; there are numerous “how-to” books, videos, retreats and tutorials out there on the step-by-step process to begin meditation or how to start a proper yoga practice.

However, after 14-years studying yoga (and 10-years struggling with meditation) I’ve learned that the only wrong ways to be mindful is to fail to show up OR to show up without a sense of humor.

And you, my friend, are reading this for a reason; by virtue of being right here, right now, you are showing up. You are curious, and curiosity breeds humor.

If you’re ready for an unconventional, open-hearted, slightly humorous introduction to yoga, I’d love to share my 3 against-the-grain tips with you today, so you can practice yoga with confidence, presence and genuine joy!

If you’d like to dive right into a humorous practice, try your own (toddler-friendly)
10-minute toddler yoga session!

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