3 Key Reasons Why Most Diets Fail & How to Avoid Common Pitfalls

Before we begin the Project Light Wellness Workshop series, there’s something you should know about me…

And please don’t laugh (too hard).

I used to believe that:
▪️six packs were the marker of success 🙄…I know.
▪️if a workout didn’t make me sweat, shake and “burn out,” what’s the point?
▪️writing down everything you eat is the only way to lose weight #crazymaking
▪️carbs = 👿. Fat too.
▪️my weight defined my worth as a fitness professional (and as a woman🤭).

That last one breaks my heart.

Not only because I struggled with my body image.
or because my self-confidence yo-yoed with my weight

…but because I know I’m FAR from alone.

My passion for fitness began when I was young. Too young. It stemmed from a desire to feel good inside and out, although I don’t know that my childhood self would have used those exact words. I loved how dancing, ice skating, biking and even running made me feel.

However, that’s only half the story. The desire to feel good also had a dark side. Like too many young girls, I wished that I could have more control over how my body looked.

Since I as young as 8-years old, I remember wanting to be skinnier. “If only I could lose 5 lbs,” I thought.

As I entered high school and joined the dance team, I thought, “10 lbs. If I could lose 10 lbs, I’d feel so much better about myself in my [ridiculously tight] costumes.”

The number only grew as I moved away for college… as I started teaching group fitness and running training programs for instrutors and personal trainers.

I an extreme internal pressure to be “as fit” as my clients wanted to be.

The pressure to be thin nearly crushed my passion for helping others; I took a two year hiatus from fitness and wellness to study meditation, Buddhist philosophy and mindfulness.

Not surprisingly, this break from focusing on the physical empowered me to discover something I probably knew all along.

I bet you know it too. 

Loving your body doesn’t start when you reach some far off finish line.

Loving your body (and yourself for that matter) begins now.

It’s not conditional on a certain weight or pant size or shape.

In fact, loving yourself for who you are now is the quickest (and kindest) way to finally weigh what you want.

Honestly, it wasn’t until I completely embraced the 3-key elements that I share in this video that I started actually feeling good about myself, while no longer wanting to be or look like anyone other than myself.

The New Year is approaching. You know the craze that follows.

It’s time to choose a different path.

Because, when we know better, we do better, and it’s time to treat yourself with far more care, Sister.

If we’re going to teach our little ones about positive body image, self-compassion, and true, whole-person wellness, we have to dig deep within.

It starts with us.

It starts with lightening the load of guilt, shame, frustration and messed up beliefs that we carry about our weight.

It starts with shedding a light on the power of awareness, conscious decisions, intentional action and mother-freaking compassion.

It starts with you choosing to be unconditionally kind to yourself this year.

It starts here.

In this video, you’ll learn:
 EXACTLY why 90% of diets and fitness programs fail
 3 key elements that will free you to rise above these pitfalls.
➕Actionable Steps you can start taking TODAY to love your body and live your truth.

Before you go, don’t miss your chance to grab the
Transformational Goal-Setting Guide below.

This tool will empower you to transform in  mind, body and heart in ways you’ve decided aren’t possible.


And please know, I am here to cheer you on with fierce compassion.


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