The Story Behind the Movement

When I first decided to get back into working out 
with an unpredictable newborn schedule, I had three notable options:

a) Randomly piece my own workouts together, praying that I’d “make” time or “find” energy. I had an idea about what I “should” do, but I couldn’t quite get there. I lacked an intentional plan, so I ended up feeling frazzled, frustrated and like I was wasting precious time rushing through a workout that left me feeling more stressed out than when I started.

b) Drop serious money on a gym membership, yoga classes or maybe even a personal trainer. Sure I’d appreciate the structure, but I couldn’t afford that time away from home and I didn’t have it in me to research the most cost effective option. Great resources, just not my path at this season in my life.

c) “Press play” on a video workout. Honestly, this method worked on and off for me, but that was precisely the problem. With my hangry, explorative baby, I had to start and stop so many times. I felt frustrated, even though I was working my tail off. I questioned whether working out was worth all that negative energy.

I needed a quick win – not a quick fix – but something to help me feel like myself again.

I needed something that would go beyond getting me started… something that would launch me forward. More than anything, I wanted to rekindle my strength and give me the push to do something for myself each day, even if that “something” was as small.

And that’s when I started dreaming about that glorious “F” word. Freedom.

I fantasized about a workout program that didn’t have me bound to a gym, limited to a class schedule or glued to a TV, but that instead gave me the freedom to workout on my own terms. I dreamed about a legit full-body program that I could do in pockets of time throughout my day… That I could do anywhere – including my disaster of a living room…  That I could customize so that I’d feel empowered from Day 1, and that I could adjust as my fitness grew…  That wouln’t leave me wondering if my efforts are “enough.” (Oh what an ugly word.)…

And as I talked with more women, I realized that I wasn’t alone.  So many of my friends, from new moms, to busy students, to full-time working women felt the same desire to rediscover their strength, to reclaim their time and to find a workout that was truly meant for their individual bodies at this particular season of life. That’s when it clicked. Busy women need this freedom + strength. Busy women need to move more with less hassle. Busy women need this program.

I’m determined to give people a simple path to feel stronger and more comfortable in their own skin 
without feeling like they’d need 26 hours in a day (or a nanny, personal trainer, in-home chef combo) to get there.

That’s why I created this program and the corresponding community page;  I’m excited to help you discover a customized workout rhythm and, most importantly, to empower you to live in a body that you love!

Want to sample the workout that you can literally do ANYWHERE, at any time, with any (little) one?

I’ve created a sweet sample for you, which includes the ins and outs of the circuit in the video above… plus some bonuses I won’t share anywhere else. You will feel AT EASE, yet EMPOWERED in your workouts as you learn how to create “Pockets of Time” circuits, how to enhance your workouts, and how to give yourself a mind-body experience with one simple shift.

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