It’s my mission to empower women to consciously transform the way we view our bodies, embrace movement, nourish ourselves and interact with our world.

If we start with the basics – nourishment, movement, mindfulness – I believe we’ll create a powerful shift for our society, our children and this planet.

One of the toughest struggles I’ve encountered since becoming a mom is finding time – making time – for myself.

Yes, this is exactly how it happened… he played, I made odd shapes with my body, he laughed, I gained strength I didn’t know I needed.

One day, in a quiet moment, when my son was miraculously entertaining himself, I had an A-HA moment. Rather than “making time” for my workouts, I could weave “Pockets” of movement into my day. My workouts could fit into my day, rather than trying to make my chaotic schedule meet a workout regimen.

By combining this “Pockets of Time” strategy with mindfulness practices and the impactful resonance of mantras, I have created the Mind-Body Fitness Program that I needed as a new mom.

Now, I feel a powerful drive to share this workout with you, so you may also take care of yourself on your own terms.

If you’d like to get your hands on this program, or simply learn more about the “Pockets of Time” strategy,

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