About Alison + the Mission

Here’s my truth…

Becoming a mom changed me.

It altered my perspective, it transformed my heart, it made me equally more empathetic and exhausted, and it shifted the trajectory of my career

I voice my journey (and struggles) with the intention of connecting with other women who are also working on living authentic, whole-hearted lives. 

It’s my mission to empower women to live intentionally by transforming the way we view our bodies, embrace movement, choose to nourish ourselves and, in turn, interact with the world…


What does that mean?

I’m tired of watching my friends, my family members and my clients diet.
I’m tired of hearing about how people punish themselves through workouts or food restriction.
I’m tired of feeling guilty for not doing enough throughout my busy day.
I’m tired of living in a culture based on feelings of lack, exhaustion, perfection, stress…

So my mission as a mother, a woman, and friend is to empower women to transform how we treat ourselves.

Together, if we start with the basics – nourishment, movement, mindfulness – I believe we will create a powerful shift for our society, our children and this planet.   


Everyone’s talking “mindfulness” these days…

Well, I drank that mindful koolaide way back in college and did something daring in my early twenties when I felt a calling of sorts to return to a more “mindful” way of being.

I left a decade of personal training, group fitness instruction and yoga teacher-training experience to follow my wild heart out to a meditation-based adventure in Colorado.

I studied meditation, spiritual philosophy and the reasons why some people feel stuck while others transform.

Through this investigation, I released (some…not all of) my limiting patterns, shed the 25+ pounds that had been clinging to my frame off and on for the past 10-years (for good), and began teaching the unique path of weight loss through self-acceptance, compassion, balance and awareness.


Every goal, from losing 10 lbs. to transforming your life begins with awareness, continues with compassion and ends with balance.

Since my Colorado Shift, I have had the honor of empowering hundreds of women to fall in love with their bodies, refresh perspective, gain energy, lose weight and keep it off.

Now, I help women release weight by getting to the root of the beliefs that have made her feel frustrated with her body and stuck in her life.

Together, we work to break free of the guilt-deprivation cycle that keeps on an emotional and physical roller coaster.

Long-term weight release and transformation are about changing patterns.

Patterns are shifted only when we become aware how they’re affecting our inner and outer world.

Patterns change only when we are able to do so with compassion.

New, empowering patterns remain only if we are able to release rigidity and approach our life through balance.

These three pillars – awareness, compassion and balance – have become my pillars of wellness and the pillars that govern my life. Through the beautiful dance between these 3 elements, I have been humbled to recognize the most incredibly pattern:

Transformation occurs when you are ready to let go of who you were to become who you were meant to be.


And who would we be without family?

Beyond my passion for guiding people towards transformation, I work hard to be a present mama to my sweet son, Max. My goodness, he’s taught me about patience, flexibility and how to ask for help. I live in Minnesota with my husband Joe (who I met on my meditation adventure, but that’s another story…) We love our time together and enjoy the simple things, like strolling to coffee shops as a family, indulging in the occasional Netflix binge, visiting local breweries, cooking with foods from our garden, dreaming up future travel plans and looking at pictures of our “baby” once he’s asleep.


Parenthood has been an adventure unto itself. 

That being said, one of the toughest struggles I’ve encountered since becoming a mom is finding time – making time – for my own purpose. The one that existed before and through motherhood. I say “purpose” and not “passion” because passions come and go. Passion is a feeling that ebbs and flows, but I feel that purpose is like a river that flows throughout our life, driving us to be present, to pay attention to our intuition and to serve the world to the best of our unique abilities. I’ll be honest. I lost my drive towards my personal purpose while I was pregnant… and it scared me. But since meeting Max, I now understand how much strength, internal effort and freaking work it takes to grow a little person.


Purpose drives us to serve, even when the path isn’t clear.

Through our postpartum journey, I have found a rhythm that has allowed me to find that piece of myself again, and to dive into a project that has brought joy, wonder and sweet service back into my life! I want to share this with you, because this particular project was “birthed” from the experience of becoming a mother: impossibly busy doing nothing and everything all at once, wanting to take care of myself but not understanding how, when or where I could make it all happen, but knowing there had to be a way.

And there is a way.

Once I discovered this nuanced yet simple way of “working out” with an explorative, milk crazed baby… Once I realized how empowering movement felt in my new and healing body… Once I figured out HOW to make it work in my chaotic schedule, I felt a powerful drive to share this workout so other busy women could also take care of themselves on their own terms.


When you know, you know.

This program of mine – my newest baby – was “birthed” out of frustration with my new life, my new body and my newborn schedule. Now, I hope to help women skip that frustration element entirely, so we can all approach fitness from a place of self-care, rather than guilt, stress or frustration.

You may find yourself nodding along, or you may relate to a sliver of my experience.

No matter where you are on your journey,want you to know: you are exactly where you need to be.

Because I believe every woman should feel empowered to live the life she desires, I want to offer you the very thing I felt was missing, when I first stumbled around trying to find my own self-care and workout routine.

You deserve to feel your best, which is why I’m incredibly honored and excited that you’re here!

Thank you so very much for stopping by!

With gratitude,


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