Barre Workout for Any-BODY

Barre Workout for Any-BODY

Do you have images (of yourself) that you look back on and just laugh?

I’ve got to say, watching myself point at my preggo belly in this video makes me both cringe and giggle every time.

In some ways, I feel like pregnancy allowed my inner dork to emerge more than ever… and in other ways, I KNOW it made me stronger than I ever imagined I could be. (More on that another time.)

But my favorite thing about this workout isn’t that Mr. Max was in my belly (who at the time, we fondly called JoJo) or that I had felt him kick earlier in the week (I’ll blame his movement on my goofy smile).

My favorite part of this workout is that this lower body series can truly be done anywhere at any time with anyone. Whether you’re six months preggo*, stuck in an office, wearing a baby, chasing a toddler or enjoying a unicorn moment by yourself, you can take advantage of nearly every exercise within this series, and end each circuit feeling energized, stronger and grateful to have “snuck” a few moments to do something just for you. (SIDE NOTE: *I should be a responsible guide and note that you should absolutely check with your doctor – especially if you’ve got a JoJo on the way – before beginning an exercise program.)

Wellness isn’t about reconfiguring your entire life so your actions can fit into some box.

Whole-person wellness is about making small shifts that allow you to feel more awake, present and comfortable in your body both in this moment and in the long-run.

In other words, rather than feeling like you have to spend hours at the gym or in the kitchen or on your meditation cushion to be “good enough” or “fit enough” or “healthy enough,” I want you to know that the small, mindful MOMENTS matter.

Choosing a nourishing food over something that irritates your stomach, choosing to step outside for a walk rather than scrolling your newsfeed (I almost deleted that one… it stings, it feels too true), choosing to turn on your music and cruise through this leg circuit rather than (or before) pouring a third cup of coffee at 2PM – these seemingly small choices make significant shifts in your mind, heart and physical well-being over time.

While we may know this in theory, it’s important to act on our wisdom.

Today, I invite you to transform your inner wisdom into ACTION.

Make that small but mighty shift in your day by digging into this workout with the Free Workout Guide I’ve created for you.

Your legs may shake, your booty may feel an extra burn the next day, which is precisely the reason I created a fun Workout Guide for you. Check out

  • soothing stretches for your lower back
  • hip-opening stretches
  • BONUS exercises
  • an entire follow up leg workout to ensure that you tone your outer and inner thighs evenly.

Download your Free Workout Guide and set yourself up to feel as refreshed, proud and beautifully balanced.

Leg & booty workout – part 1

Leg & booty workout – part 1

This one’s for all the mamas who may not have oodles of motivation or hours of time.

I don’t know about you, but at 26-weeks preggo, I’m was going for strength and endurance over aesthetics.

SIDE NOTE: I’ve got to say, while working out was pretty tough for me mentally and physically at this point, it made me feel a little less anxious about birth and all things baby and I believe that it prepared me for a tricky labor and natural birth. 

Now, just like Part 1 – the Barre Workout for ANY-Body, you definitely do not need to be pregnant to benefit GREATLY from this workout.

In fact, you may have even more fun if you’re not carrying another human being. (wink)

Either way, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on the DOUBLE Workout Cheat Sheet so that you can: 

  • Enhance THIS workout by turning it into a total body workout (I’ll show you all 3 BONUS Exercises) 
  • Dive straight into Part 1 – the BARRE workout
  • Weave in back-relieving and hip-opening stretches
  • Learn how to create your very own workout circuit, no matter how little time you have
  • Track your progress on a beautiful workout chart

Make sure to leave a comment below and share how you made this workout your own!