You may relate to this...

My child is a wonderful, sweet, explorative little person.

But he won’t leave my side.

I know in about 12 years, I’ll miss his need for “Mama” to “carry” him everywhere.  (Maybe I’ll miss that…) But right now, I come close to insanity by the end of the day IF I don’t make a little time for myself. 

As the sun starts to shine, I’m looking forward to taking our workouts outside, but just in case you need some rain day motivation, I have a mindset trick to share with you, which may sound silly (or as Max says “siwwy, siwwy, siwwy,” but this simple mindset shift completely removed the pressure I had placed on myself to make a conventional workout “fit perfectly” into my day.

Last winter, when I felt my mood and outlook start to dip, I knew I had to make a big mind-body-heart shift. Movement is the gateway to transformation in my life, so I decided to be playful and open and creative with my workouts. I let go of the expectation that I had to finish my workout within a 30-minute block. I carved my movements and circuits around what Max was doing in that moment. Almost immediately, our workout time together shifted into light-hearted, hilarious, joyful moments. Yet, I still felt like I was gaining strength, feeling the endorphin lift and doing something wonderful for my mind, body and heart.

As you can see, my “workout space” is a constant mess.
My “weights” often involve my child.
I rarely change into formal workout clothes.
My circuits are often chopped up and spread throughout our day.

However, the joy, satisfaction and strength that these workouts bring to my soul are what compel me to share this unconventional type of workout with you. In fact, the 4-Circuits that I spell out for you in this workout guide are exactly how I integrate self-care into my day, when when I’m home with Max.

Let your workouts be playful.
Be creative with your self-care.
Laugh about your mess (at least, that’s what I’ve decided to do).
Remember, there is no “perfect” or “ideal” way to balance mom-life and me-time.

What matters is that you make the time for your sweet self… and that you discover a little joy in the process. You deserve it, Mama!

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